The goal of this project is to create tool to help people caption flash videos and publish captioned versions of the video for use on web sites. The students working on this project are part of CS 492 Senior Design Project course at the University of Illinois.


You need to make sure you have the Adobe AIR installer available on your computer system before downloading the iCaptioning2 captioning tool or the standalone flash video player.

Example Using NCAM ccPlayer

NCAM ccPlayer sample with external DFXP caption file

A University of Illinois student talks about life on campus.

FLV video file

Captions file created with iCaption2

Example Using Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder

When choosing a skin for the flash video, it is important to keep in mind that captions may be covered by skins that are placed on top of the video itself. Further, skins that include a button to enable/disable captioning are most preferred.

Example of video using skin that allows captioning

Training Videos




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